What can I store in my unit?

If it fits in the unit you can store it. From general home appliances, furniture, sports gear, and work equipment, to documents and files. We also offer solutions for vehicles, boats and other engine units.

How soon can I move in?

If we have storage units available you are able to move in today.

Can anyone else access my storage unit?

No, only you are allocated the code for the gate .

How soon do I have to pay?

Payment has to be for a month and is in advance. You pay when you sign up.

What happens when I no longer need my storage unit after the first month, how much notice must be given?

If you need to move out prior to a full month and request to be refunded, we require two week’s notice upon moving out.

Is there anything I can’t store?

Items that do not meet requirements for safety are not permitted into storage.

These items include:
Hazardous materials such as explosive and inflammable goods
Perishable items which could decompose, i.e. exposed foodstuffs
Living items such as animals and plants
Stolen or illegal goods such as drugs, firearms, etc